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Good bite, complete set of teeth, optimal height, modern perfect type, manly massive dog (good built), with very good rhythm and gait, square enough, very steadfast, precise in every part, perfect coat structure, good handling and behaviour. Kizina. 11.01.2004. Saint Petersburg.

Teeth N, complete, oo N. Perfectly typical for the breed, excellent type, perfect massive bone structure. Excellent head, correct ears, good top-line. Excellent chest, beautiful coat. Excellent gait. Chistyakova. 06.04.2003. SPb.

Teeth N, oo, dark eyes. Typical for the breed, good height, bone structure and format. Head is typical for the breed, of good lines and proportions. Neck long enough, set at correct degree angle. Chest deep, broad enough. Easy, elastic movement. Burykin. 02.10.2004. SPb.

Sturdy and robust, large bones, big head. Excellent bone structure. Deep chest. Hard coat. Good neck. Good handling. Perfect type. Ivanishcheva. 14.11.2004. SPb.

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